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About Us

Art Avenue Productions

Art Avenue is a company that focuses on cultural identity and mental well-being.
We are artists who aim to create social impact and invite change through art.
We direct, write and produce films & cultural events.



Kadi Tsang grew up in a multilingual society and spent her time both in the East and the West. Her culturally diverse experience influences her works, which often focus on identities and human connections, with an aim to eliminate misunderstandings through art. 


She has worked on various international films, television shows, and music videos since her graduation from Tisch. Her short films “Red Bean Soup” and "Kung Fu Grandma” have been included in various international film festivals and won multiple awards such as the First Prize at NYU Undergraduate King & Wasserman Award, the Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance at First Run Film Festival, and the Excellence in Narrative Short Storytelling at Destiny City Film Festival. Besides film productions, she has also produced exhibitions and live performances in the past. 


Kadi is interested in aging, gender roles, and mental health related issues in our society. She devotes herself to facilitating cultural exchange and mutual understanding. In her free time, she enjoys connecting with others through painting, photography, music, and culinary.

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Katusha Jin believes that stories have a profound impact on the way we grow and learn. She grew up in a trilingual and multicultural environment, which cultivated her interest in sharing and hearing about the experiences of people from diverse backgrounds.

After graduating Tisch, she received SCMP’s journalism scholarship and studied under the mentorship of an Oscar award-winning filmmaker in Hong Kong. During this period, Katusha interviewed many subjects and developed a deeper understanding of the societal issues the city and its people face. As a result, she was inspired to write a feature script reflecting what she had witnessed.

She has worked on narrative and documentary film projects and led branded content productions at advertising agencies. Although primarily known for her film work, she has worked in theater and is a published film critic as well.

In her spare time, Katusha participates in art exhibitions, produces music, and conducts research on the effects of cultural identity, parenting, and education on mental health. She also has a deep appreciation for good comedy.


Creative Director

Inspired by her immigrant parents, Amy pursued her education with tenacious efforts becoming a Gates Millennium Scholar, APIA Scholar, and Tisch Dean’s Scholar.


Her works have earned her an IFC Audience Award, NYU Expository Writing Award, and Tisch Post Production Grant. She most recently directed a project for Bustle Media Group as part of their New Filmmakers series. This piece centered on her identity as an Asian American in relation to her body image. It received press coverage from NBC News and Elite Daily. Currently, Amy is working with Picture Start to create a piece focused on murdered and missing indigenous women.


She has worked with the branded team at Vice Media, Bustle & Refinery29. She is currently the assistant to Olivier Award-Winning and Tony Nominated Producer Michael Alden.


Amy is passionate about empowering others through knowledge and art. She aims to commit her creativity, spirituality, and love of food to help uplift the lives of others.  When she is not doing art or academia she enjoys giving back to her community by volunteering with organizations such as Reading Partners.

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